FNF Charity Event!

Hello everyone! FNF is excited to announce that we will be returning to Vietnam on January 28th to bring you an FNF for a cause! We have partnered with Savage Game Design and the Military and Veteran Gamers charity to bring the Arma community a two-day charity event!

Join FNF in welcoming the Savage Game Design team and their special guests to an explosive, action-packed event! We’ll be supporting the Military and Veteran Gamers charity with fundraising and practicing their motto “Healing Through Gaming”.

For this event, we will be bringing you six awesome battles:

  • FNF EU segment: (8:00 PM UTC / 3:00 PM EST)

  • Battle of Hanoi (1946)

  • Battle of Dien Bien Phu (1954)

  • Attack on Camp Holloway (1965)

  • FNF NA segment: (1:00 AM UTC / 8:00 PM EST)

  • Battle of Khe Sanh (1968)

  • Battle of Fire Support Base Ripcord (1970)

  • Easter Offensive (Mekong delta) (1972)

We’re shaking things up by throwing you into our newly updated Sustained Assault game mode for the Attack on Camp Holloway and Easter Offensive! Did you think our January 1st event was just filler for the holiday break? You’ll be happy to know that our Technical team ran with all of your feedback and is ready to unveil the latest version of our new game mode.

Something still seems to be missing though… What is a charity event without stretch goals?

We are also introducing several packages to make the Attack on Camp Holloway and Easter Offensive even more intense! Do you like the sounds of Air Cavalry flying in? High explosive ordinance whizzing overhead? The smell of napalm in the morning? With your support, we can help fundraise for an amazing charity, and also throw some extra spice on this event! If you wish to contribute (and help us reach our goals!), you can do so by following this link.

Our stretch goals:

$50 - Mech Infantry (Armed Variants of APCs for Both Teams)

$100 - Air Cav (Transport Helicopters for Both Teams)

$250 - Gun Ship (Gunship Helicopters for Both Teams)

$500 - Armored Cav // Riverine (Camp Holloway - Tanks for Both Teams // Easter Offensive - Patrol Boats for Both Team)

$1000 - Air Superiority (2x F-4 Phantoms // 2x Mi-2URP - 1AA/1AT)

All proceeds will go to the Military and Veteran Gamers charity organization. If you have any questions, please reach out to Nemesis#5884 on the Friday Night Fight Discord server. Thank you, and we'll see you on the battlefield!

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