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Updated: Jan 16

Well, after two weeks of work, the website is finally up, all from scratch too! Templates are usually hard to work with, in my opinion, so it's better to work from scratch- as long as you know what you're doing in said website builder.


What's in the website?

The website has the base pages and content needed to kick off its live published state, which is now live since around 5:00 A.M. US EST today (yeah, I don't treat my body nicely). The 'About', 'Info', and 'Registering' pages should provided the base info for what FNF is, what times we play every Friday, server IP's, modpack links, how to register alone or with a unit, and most importantly...

Really cool feature I built into this website is that FNF members and staff members- YOU GUYS!- can create an account on this website, customize it (within moderation), and interact with blog posts like this one! I'm still researching what else can be done with this profile system, so you guys will know if I discover anything new for everyone to enjoy. There's a tag system as well that can be put on profiles- like "FNF Staff" on mine. I'll look into later-on putting respective unit tags on those who decide to make a profile. I disabled certain profile features, like inputting your wallet info, SSN, address, mothers maiden name, normal stuff, etc., as we really don't need that at the moment.

Heads up, guys, this website is under jurisdiction of the FNF community rules, so that still means no racist and offensive comments, along with any images, text, etc. that would normally get you punished in the discord server as well. Also, no NSFW/NSFL images are to be posted on this site.

The blog page holds this blog post, along with weekly/monthly updates, newsletters, content info, etc. that will come in the future. The 'More' page/tab houses any extra/miscellaneous content, such as the 'After-Action Replays' website and a nice Gallery where the finest of artsy FNF art will be posted on a weekly basis once I eventually get to updating the gallery with the current good screenshots I've taken up to date.

What's next?

Only the future will tell what's next. There's a lot of potential with this website, so I'm pretty excited to see how far we can make this website a hell of a banger. Yes, even more banger than it currently is right now. Thanks to the staff team for their very great input during my construction of the website! :_)



All in all, this website is a pretty big step for our community! I love you guys/girls. <3

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