Group Registration

A member of your group, designated as your Community Leader (CL), needs to ping the FNF Community Team on Discord via '@ Community Team' about wanting to onboard your group to FNF.   
Community Leader is the primary representative of your group and they will interact with the FNF Staff and the FNF community in an official capacity.
Your Community Leader will have access to grant your group's Discord role and TeamSpeak group to new members, and will gain access to a dedicated Community Leaders channel in the Discord.
     Pinned in the Community Leaders channel, there is a Google Form that is used to submit your group's RSVP each week. Your group will be added to the EU and NA forms as part of your onboarding.

The deadline to submit your RSVP is 6PM UTC the day before the event (Thursday), and you may reserve up to 16 game slots between the EU and NA events.

* You are welcome to show up and play without registering your group, but there is no guarantee that game server slots will be available.



Join the TeamSpeak server with your mods and TFAR set up before the scheduled FNF start time. 
There is no guarantee that game slots will be open for solo players, but there are openings most weeks. If round one is full, check back for rounds two or three (slots will usually open up throughout the night).

Play by the rules and have fun!