FNF Video Contest!

Do you record your Friday Night Fight experience? If so, it is now your chance to showcase FNF in the best possible way in a 2-3 minute long video. We want those amazing kills, funny moments, and just the overall feel as to why we are seeing over 200+ players joining every Friday to fight it out on the virtual battlefield. Showcase your amazing editing skills and creativity and win some great prizes.


1st place:
$50 Steam Gift Card + 1x ArmA DLC: Laws Of War

2nd place:
$25 Steam Gift Card + 1x ArmA DLC: Laws Of War

3rd place:
1x ArmA DLC: Laws Of War


To enter the contest, you simply need to send an email to the FNF MEDIA TEAM at knowhatceb@gmail.com. The email should be titled “FNF VIDEO CONTEST”. It should contain a YouTube link to your entry AND a download link to the video file itself. Be sure to also include your contact details.
The submission deadline is November 2nd, 21:00 CET. Submitting your video will give FNF the full right to use the video in future branding of the event.


1. The video has to contain recorded footage from FNF.

2. The video has to be a minimum of two minutes long and maximum of three minutes long. No use of copyrighted music.

3. The official FNF logo needs to be present in the video.

[FNF Logo Link]

Submissions will be reviewed by staff to make sure they fulfill the above and then put on our official FNF website, from where the FNF community will be involved in a poll (announced together with the videos) to find the winners.

Good luck!